The City of Fairfield has an aging community and many of the residents have a need for assistance with maintaining their lawns.  This program works by partnering with the neighborhood associations to identify neighbors that have a need for lawn care service.  The student volunteers who participate have the chance to learn a trade that could lead to an entrepreneurial opportunity or just develop the skill to use in the future and save them money.  This program helps with maintaining a clean appearance in the neighborhood and building community pride.

Phi Gamma Rho founded on July 6, 1989 by Kendrick Byrd, Kevin Lewis, Robert Averhart, and Edwin Caldwell under the mentorship of Derrick Anderson and Sylvester Carter.

It was then when the vision of seeing young men present themselves as well-groomed brilliant gentleman while learning and sharing knowledge about their culture came to fruition. 

The four young men exemplified Knowledge, Tenacity, Leadership, and Brotherhood and after more than 25 years - these principles still remain.  

Presently, Phi Gamma Rho is a Program of the Birmingham Mentoring Assistance Network Inc. and Antonio Lawson (1996) continues to lead these young men in their pursuit of higher achievements as the Lead Advisor.

Community Service, Scholarships, Social Development, and Leadership Training are some of the many activities in which these young men benefit.




Lawncare for seniors and the disabled